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City Cave Members

July 6, 2019

Acknowledging City Cave's loyal members, we offer 15% off  Initial Naturopathic Consultation + 1st TFHKinesiology appointment.

City Cave Opening Special

4th May - 29th June 2019

To celebrate with our new friends at City Cave, we are offering a 20% discount of all initial naturopathic appointments for two whole months. Get in touch SOON!

TFH Kinesiology Coming soon

20th July 2019

We are excited to bring this modality into our services. 

Kinesiology is a Holistic Alternative Therapy that incorporates the Chinese Medicine models of the Meridian system and the 5 Elements with Manual Muscle Testing to determine the functional state of the body. 

Through following a standard testing protocol, your kinesiology therapist will assess and bring into balance the physical, chemical and/or emotional components of an injury or issue/problem that the body needs assistance with.

Pensioners and students receive a 15% discount with presenting a valid card

Standard Discount

Discounts cannot be combined.

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